Art goes biological: Nature takes over Berlin Hauptbahnhof

2018 Jan 19

The new art installation Relationscape celebrates nature and starts a conversation about how biology can help solve global problems. Explore the piece from January 22-24, 2018, at Berlin Hauptbahnhof, during International Green Week. 

Carved in steel, glass and concrete, the Berlin Hauptbahnhof stands as a monument to urban living. Here it is easy to forget nature and the very ground that we are walking on. The new art installation is part of an initiative called ‘Age of Biology’ and is made to remind us that biology has the potential to provide many of the sustainable answers that we are looking for.

At Berlin Hauptbahnhof, the daily commuters will meet aspects of nature displayed in huge discs – from fungi growing in an oversized petri dish to a huge cast of seaweed, moss, mushrooms and other flora. The installation is called Relationscape, and behind the piece are Nana Francisca Schottländer and the art collective Studio ThinkingHand.

“The piece sets out to create a relation-scape, where curiosity and exchange around biology might arise – right in the middle of the busy Berlin Hauptbahnhof,” says Schottländer.

The project is supported by Novozymes, and Science Manager Mikako Sasa hopes that the ‘Age of Biology’ will be a first step in bringing attention to biology and its power to shape our world.

Our civilization has achieved a lot based on fossil fuels, but it came with a high cost. Age of Biology and this installation remind us that we need to come together around biology to build a more sustainable future. There is so much left to learn and do when it comes to biology – even beyond our specialty of enzymes and microbes,” says Sasa.

The art installation and ‘Age of Biology’ initiative are in Berlin during International Green Week.

“We are here in Berlin, during International Green Week, but look forward to taking the conversation online and into many new places. Right now, we begin as one company, but we hope to invite partners to join in and make people aware of what is possible if we learn more about the world that we inhabit,” says Sasa.

You can experience Relationscape at Berlin Hauptbahnhof, Level 0, Main Entrance, South Area, from January 22-24.



Detail shots from the art installation Relationscape by Nana Francisca Schottländer and Studio ThinkingHand.