Art and the rush of life

2018 Jan 25

In its very name and nature, Relationscape is inviting connections. For the past three days, commuters and visitors have stepped out of their day’s journey to wonder and wander. The temporary art installation makes visible the nature that we cannot or do not stop to see. Its structure and vibrancy of color surprise in the cool steel of Berlin Hauptbahnhof.

Simultaneously, the art installation has been changing. The sealed fungi have been altering their shape in their giant petri dish, and the wind has rustled the discs and the mirror to create new interactions. January daylight has followed dark night – only to be replaced again.

What does it take to make us stop in the rush? We walk on unexplored ground, and there is so much left to discover.

Relationscape is created by the art collective Studio ThinkingHand and Nana Francisca Schottländer.