Competition: Share your wonder of biology and win a foldable microscope kit

2018 Feb 23

We are surrounded by wonders of all kinds – from DNA to fungi to the blue whale. Under our feet, in trees and plants around us, and at the bottom of the oceans, we can find biological wonders to heal and shape our world.

Share your wonder of biology and win a foldable paper microscope kit that allows you to explore and see the world in new ways. The kit includes a foldscope (140x, 2um resolution microscope) in a portable case including tools for collecting and processing samples. The value of the kit is $39.99.

How to enter:
Post your bid for a biological wonder in the comment area of the Facebook post. The competition closes on February 28th. Our team of two biologists will review all submissions and announce two winners on March 2nd. The two winners will be notified via Facebook messenger.

Help us celebrate biology!