Fascinated by nature? Getting up close and personal

2018 May 27

Can a fungus be wise? Can contagion be positive? What can we learn from spongy bone? How does science and art need each other? Often it just takes a little time and courage to talk about the world that shapes us.

Take three artists, two scientists, an art installation exploring fungi and a lovely Spring weekend in a park – it’s the recipe for good conversation.

The art installation Relationscape started with the meeting of three artists and two scientist who study fungi in Novozymes. This weekend Nana Francisca Schottländer and the art collective Studio ThinkingHand met up again with Sara Landvik and Mikako Sasa at Bloom, the Copenhagen festival about nature and science. Here, they talked about working with nature, the power of symbiosis and the many ways to use biology to help heal and protect the world.

These are some of the answers to the questions that came up:

  1. Artists – yes to wise nature. Scientists – maybe in an evolutionary way, but, actually, no.
  2. Artists and scientist – yes, contagion can be positive. For example, when an infected petri dish makes you discover penicillin or just creates interesting questions for how we co-exist.
  3. The structure of spongy bone is incredibly strong from the top-down, and its structure can inspire how we engineer and build structures.
  4. Art and science – they share curiosity and a desire to question and explore the world. But one often has no need for firm answers, and the other looks to confirm a hypothesis. And in this case, artists and scientist just plain like each other.