A manifesto

All movements can benefit from a manifesto
– even one that is still mostly just a few of us:

Today’s global problems are daunting and complex. But so are the opportunities. We look to a future powered by nature in which biological wonders create sustainable answers.

At the start of the twentieth century, people had yet to imagine widespread aviation, penicillin, the moon landing and the internet. They were standing before a century of great transformations powered by fossil fuels – with an unprecedented effect on the climate.

The fight for a more sustainable future is the public’s fight. While companies, experts, politicians and NGOs can be powerful voices of change, the movement must take root in the lives and imaginations of global citizens who come together.

In this century, we expect changes at great speed. But this time, progress will not run on oil. It will be built on nature. It will be built on our joint actions.

Who is behind the Age of Biology?

Age of Biology was started by Novozymes, a company that is passionate about enzymes, microbes and all things biological.

We hope that this will be a first step in bringing attention to the power that biology has to shape our world. Biology solves problems, and nature can heal itself. But we need to better understand our world in order to protect it.

We want to encourage enthusiasts, academics, institutions, other companies, organizations – and you in particular – to join us in learning about biology. That means supporting research, encouraging children to explore nature, or just sensing the earth under your feet.
Who knows what the impact of this dialogue could be? It’s worth finding out.