Biology is the study of life.

In biology, everything is connected – from the smallest unit to the Earth as we know it. And all around us, there is so much left to discover. 

Biosphere: Global system containing all living things.

Beautiful biology

Biology is the study of living organisms, including their structure, function, evolution, distribution and interrelationships.

Put more simply, biology is the science of life. And the more we learn about the inner workings of the natural world and its inhabitants, the more amazing they are.

Biology sustains the world, and it is biodiversity that makes it interesting. As humans, it has also been good to us. The workings of nature have inspired countless innovations that are making our lives easier every day.

So when we talk about biology, we’re not just talking about animals. (Although, that’s part of it.) We’re not just talking about plants. (Although, they’re part of it, too.)

We’re talking about technology that has the power to bring us innovation we simply won’t find anywhere else. And we’re talking about technology that is at the same time cutting-edge, feasible and sustainable.

In short, we’re talking about the power of nature.